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Saver's Switch

Cut back on usage during peak demand and save

Hot summer days mean increased air conditioning use, which pushes demand for electricity to a peak. By participating in our Saver's Switch program, you'll help us manage these peaks by cutting back just a little on the time your central air works to cool your home.

In exchange for your participation, you'll receive savings on your electric charges each year you participate in Saver's Switch.

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On a few hot summer days a year, Xcel Energy may activate Saver's Switch. The switch cycles your air conditioner off and on generally at 15-to-20 minute intervals. However, the fan stays on, circulating already-cooled air throughout your home.

Most customers don't even notice when Saver's Switch is activated. On control days, Saver's Switch is typically activated between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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  • You must be an Xcel Energy customer with central air conditioning in participating areas to qualify.
  • Customers who live in apartments or condominiums are not eligible unless:
    • They have owner approval.
    • They have an A/C dedicated to their apartment located outside on the ground level near the building. We do not install Saver’s Switch on rooftop A/Cs, window units, or wall units for any dwelling.

Due to technical limitations, only customers in the city of Amarillo are currently eligible for Saver's Switch. Eligible Texas residents who participate in Saver's Switch will save $50 on their October electric bill each year they participate in the program.

If your home has multiple central A/C units, you will receive one $50 credit for each unit.

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Energy Saving Tip

Rather than crank up your heat in the winter, keep your thermostat at a moderate level and bundle up. (Who doesn't love fuzzy slippers?)


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Always keep appliances clean, operating properly and clear of obstructions. Unplug them when cleaning or repairing to avoid serious injury.

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